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Protect Your HVAC Unit from Winter Weather

14 Nov
Protect Your HVAC Unit from Winter Weather

With the colder months quickly approaching it’s important to have your heating system in proper working order, and to ensure it stays that way throughout the season. You can take some simple steps to maintain your unit and make sure your home stays nice and toasty. Learn more about winter weather protection and you’ll be prepared when that first storm comes.

Does the Weather Damage My Unit?

In truth, the weather can negatively impact your system. When ice and snow buildup on your outdoor unit the emergency shut-off may switch on. This can lead to bursting pipes. Loud noises may result when ice builds up on the aluminum fan and coil fins, bending the fins and potentially ruining them. Melting snow and ice can refreeze in your pipes, causing system failure, if you have a gas furnace or boiler. What’s more, all that snow and ice covering your system makes it worth much harder than necessary. This not only means more wear and tear and a shortened life, but also higher monthly energy costs.

Steps for Winter Weather Protection

The following tips will help keep your system operating smoothly:

  • Make sure there are no leaves or dirt surrounding the outside unit that may have built up over the warmer months.
  • Remove any snow or ice from the unit. If necessary, you can pour warm water on it to help melt it away.
  • Clear your gutters of any debris as such buildup can cause runoff over the top of the unit.
  • Cover all pipes to help protect them from extremely cold temperatures.
  • Ensure there is no ice or snow covering the gas meter.
  • Change the filter in your system regularly to keep it running effectively and efficiently.
  • Have your system inspected by a professional HVAC technician before winter hits.

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