4 Tips for Quieting Your A/C

4 Tips for Quieting Your A/C

Even when they’re relatively brand-new, some A/C systems can produce loud noises upon startup. Older units may even produce loud noises throughout their entire operation. Not only can this bother other occupants in your home, but it may even give your neighbors something to gripe about.

Fortunately, you don’t have to put up with a loud A/C system and the complaints that could come with it. Here are a few tips you can use for quieting A/C systems under most circumstances:

  • Place a noise-reducing wall or fence around it. Whether it’s a wooden wall or a wall of natural shrubbery, placing a barrier between your A/C system and the rest of your yard can help reduce unwanted noise and increase peace of mind.
  • Install noise-reducing mounts. The latest in mounting materials can help isolate the A/C compressor from the rest of the unit, thereby reducing noise and vibration.
  • Surround it with a sound blanket. Sound blankets and acoustical panels are designed to absorb noises, effectively preventing them from traveling beyond the confines of the sound-deadening material. It can be an expensive option in some cases, but well worth the cost for exceptionally noisy A/C systems.
  • Retrofit your A/C with a quieter fan. Advances in condenser fan technology have made these fans quieter than before. Installing a newer, quieter fan inside your existing A/C system can help reduce noise and save energy in the process.

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