How to Install Radiant Floor Heat in Your New Jersey Home

How to Install Radiant Floor Heat in Your New Jersey Home

Radiant heat uses hot water (hydronic) or electrical wiring to heat your home. The heat then warms everything it comes into contact with. Hydronic heating is popular in new construction, but it isn’t practical for retrofits. An electric radiant system, however, is ideal for supplemental heating in existing homes, and it makes the perfect add-on when laying new tile floors or remodeling.

Keep reading to learn how you can install radiant floor heat in your Monmouth County home for quiet heating comfort.

Getting Started

An electric radiant system offers many benefits. Practically any system configuration is possible to meet your comfort requirements. You can use an electric radiant system in your bathroom, kitchen, family room, children’s play area or workshop. With a dedicated circuit, electric radiant heat can operate independently of primary systems in your home, offering zoned comfort and efficiency.

Tile Floor

Electric radiant heat systems typically consist of plastic mats with thin wiring embedded inside — much like a plastic electric blanket. These plastic mats are low-profile and can easily be installed under a tile floor. The idea is to install the electric radiant mats in high traffic areas.

For example, when installing an electric radiant system in your bathroom or kitchen, it wouldn’t make any sense to extend the heat against cabinets, or into closets and corners where no one will stand. The wiring should also be at least six inches away from wax seals in toilets and bidets. The objective is to install mats on the subfloor exactly where you want it.


If the floor joists are accessible in your home, you have another installation option. An underfloor installation is much easier compared to subfloor (tile or other floor covering). In the former process, mats are sized to fit between joists, stapled into place and covered with insulation to direct heat upward into your living space.

For more details on how to install radiant floor heat in your New Jersey home, contact Aggressive Mechanical Contractor, Inc.

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