5 Great Advantages of Radiant Heat

5 Great Advantages of Radiant Heat

If you’re looking for a comfort-boosting home heating alternative, consider radiant heat. While there are several different types of radiant systems available, the most cost-effective method features heated water that’s pumped through tubing installed under the floor. Hot water (hydronic) radiant heat offers a number of distinct advantages over traditional forced-air and baseboard heating systems.

Enhanced Comfort

The warmth produced will radiate up through the flooring material into the structure of your home and its furnishings. You won’t experience uneven temperatures, cold spots or drafts, so it’s easier to stay comfortably warm.

Improved Air Quality

Compared to a forced-air system that circulates dust, pollutants and allergens through your home every time the blower cycles on, radiant heating helps keep air cleaner and healthier. It’s particularly beneficial if anyone in your household suffers from allergies, asthma or other breathing ailments.

Energy Savings

Installing radiant in-floor heat can cut your energy bills over the long term because a hydronic system uses very little electricity. You’ll see immediate energy savings if you’re switching from a forced-air system, since you won’t lose up to 30 percent of heat produced as it travels through ductwork.

Quiet Convenience

If you’re used to the sounds of a forced-air system, you’ll notice the silence when you switch to radiant heating because a noisy blower fan isn’t necessary. You can also enjoy the convenience of having independent temperature controls in various rooms of your home since radiant systems are especially easy to zone.

Heat Source Flexibility

With hydronic radiant heating, you don’t have to rely on the electrical grid to maintain your home comfort levels during the winter months. The liquid flowing through the system can be heated by a wood-, oil- or gas-fired boiler, a solar water heater, or any combination of energy sources that fits your needs.

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