Steps to Registering Your HVAC System

Steps to Registering Your HVAC System

Registering your HVAC products soon after installation is an important step to complete before the deadline. The warranty provides significant protections for you against premature problems with the system. If your contractor doesn’t take care of the registration for you, be sure that you do.

Getting it Registered

Ask the HVAC technician how long you have to complete the warranty information. Make a note of the deadline or add it to the top of the list of important things to do. It will cover you financially in the rare event of a problem with the system.

Read the paperwork associated with the warranty. You will need the brand name of the system, and its model and possibly the serial number. Use the invoice or the business card to find the details about the installing contractor that will include the company name, address, phone and license number.

Major manufacturers prefer registering your HVAC products online, since it saves a lot of time for everyone. You’ll also get important updates regarding the equipment. Once you’ve filled in the forms, look for a confirmation email. If you don’t get it, contact them online or by phone.

Doing it by Mail

If you have to send in the warranty information, make a copy of it first and write down the date you sent it, and a week or two later, call them to make sure they received it and it’s valid. You may need to send the copy you made of the paperwork to complete the registration process.

Other Considerations

If you sell your home while the warranty is still active, you might be able to transfer it to the new owners. Being able to give the new owners the benefits of a warranty is a real incentive. Check with the manufacturer’s customer service department to see what’s required and what the time frame is.

Besides understanding its provisions, registering your HVAC products is crucial to keep the warranty valid. For more information, contact Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, providing HVAC services for Monmouth County homeowners.

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