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Start Your Repair vs. Replace Conversation with These Questions

14 Jul
Start Your Repair vs. Replace Conversation with These Questions

When one of your home’s heating and cooling system components breaks down unexpectedly, you’ll want to discuss your options with a reputable HVAC contractor. You can get a head start on the conversation by learning the answers to some of the most common questions homeowners ask when they’re faced with a repair vs. replace dilemma.

Is there an easy way to weigh the cost of repairs vs. buying new equipment?

The easiest method of judging whether it’s wiser to repair or replace your existing equipment is known as the 50-percent rule. What this means is if the repair quote is 50 percent of the cost of a new HVAC system, upgrading is more logical especially since you’ll also gain the benefit of a manufacturer’s warranty.

Is it better to replace just one component or the whole system?

If you have a split system and a big repair bill on one component makes replacement the wiser choice, it’s better to buy a whole new system. Mixing old and new components means your system won’t operate at maximum efficiency, and you’ll likely void the manufacturer’s warranty because it’s impossible to meet the installation specifications.

Should equipment age factor into my decision?

Yes, because HVAC equipment becomes more prone to breakdowns as it ages. If you decide it’s not quite time to replace your older equipment, you can expect to face additional repair bills in the future. It’s usually worthwhile to repair a component if it’s less than 10 years old, especially if it’s still under warranty.

Can I save money by upgrading to new equipment?

If you’re considering replacing an HVAC system that’s over 10 years old, you can factor in savings on the cost of maintenance, repairs and energy. Today’s new equipment is much more efficient, so it consumes less energy to maintain your home at a comfortable temperature. The money you save on energy over the system’s lifespan can also help you recoup its upfront cost.

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