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Should You Move Your HVAC System?

04 Dec
Should You Move Your HVAC System?

Relocating some or all of a home’s HVAC system can be a complicated and costly undertaking, depending on the components involved. If you’re considering moving one or more components, it’s vital to consult an experienced HVAC professional first.

You may be advised that HVAC relocation is the best choice if you want to:

  • Take the A/C’s evaporator unit out of a hot, unconditioned attic to improve its efficiency.
  • Reposition the furnace and air handler so you can create a finished living space on your home’s lower level.
  • Move the outdoor unit to accommodate a home addition, new deck, swimming pool or landscaping, or to protect it against damage from the elements or copper theft.

Factors Affecting Difficulty and Cost of HVAC Relocation

Your HVAC pro can advise you about the exact process and cost of moving your HVAC so you can weigh the pros and cons. As food for thought, here are some of the steps that are often involved in moving major components:

  • To relocate an outdoor condenser/compressor or an indoor evaporator, an HVAC technician will need to pump out all the refrigerant, and disconnect the unit. Once it’s been moved and leveled, they’ll need to extend or replace the copper lines, and run new wiring to the disconnect box and/or the thermostat. After clearing out any moisture in the lines to prevent flow issues, they’ll need to recharge the refrigerant, and then test the system for leaks and proper operation.
  • In order to move a furnace, a technician will need to disconnect it first, then install it in the desired location. Then, the chimney pipe or vent line will need to be extended or repositioned, and modifications made to the supply and return ductwork so they can be reconnected. The fuel lines and electrical wiring must also be redone and reconnected at the unit’s new location. After the move, your technician will test the heating system to ensure it’s running properly and safely.

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