Should You Treat Your Home’s Plumbing Any Differently in the Fall?

Should You Treat Your Home’s Plumbing Any Differently in the Fall?

Ah, fall. Can’t wait for it, with its falling leaves and cooling breezes. But cooler weather brings with it certain fall plumbing problems. Let’s have a look at a few to watch out for.

Fall Plumbing Issues

Often, fall plumbing issues are caused by changes in the ground where your pipes are laid out. Lots of rain, as often happens in our area during fall, can cause the ground to shift, taking the pipes with it. It’s not unknown for such shifting to cause sewer blockages or leaks.

There’s also the factor involving cooler water flowing into your home from the cold ground. This can impact your water heater and your other plumbing.

And of course, freezing nighttime temperatures may wreak havoc with your pipes.

Avoiding Fall Plumbing Problems

  1. Garbage-disposal worries. We don’t yet know how COVID-19 will affect our holiday celebrations, but many of us will, at a minimum, likely have big meals with family. Be mindful of what you put down the garbage disposal so you don’t clog it. No bones, potatoes (the starchiness can form a thick glob in your disposal), greasy foods, and fibrous foods like celery. If you have guests over and your plumbing is finicky, remind them about overloading the toilets with toilet paper.
  2. Frozen pipes. We can have freezing temperatures during the fall, so don’t be caught unaware when it comes to your pipes. If you leave home and temperatures are likely to fall while you’re away, take appropriate measures by setting the thermostat in the 50s. You may need to leave cabinet doors open to pipes located against an exterior wall. Heat tape and insulation can help.
  3. Ruptured sewer. As mentioned above, shifting ground from too much rain can cause fall plumbing problems with the sewer, so watch for sinkholes and unusually high water bills.
  4. Cold water in the water heater. When the ground gets cold, the water in the pipes is cold as well, and your water heater will have to work harder to warm it up adequately. Keep an eye on its performance.

For more on fall plumbing issues, contact Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, Inc. of Neptune City.

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