Signs An Internal Component of Your HVAC Needs Replaced

Signs An Internal Component of Your HVAC Needs Replaced

When something goes wrong with a home’s HVAC system, the biggest fear is that the entire unit must be replaced. However, sometimes it’s simply the HVAC components that are the problem. Let’s take a look at a few signs that an internal component is the reason why your system isn’t working quite right.

It’s Not Blowing Cold Air

It isn’t uncommon for an air conditioner to show its age by ceasing to blow cold air. When this happens, this will usually point to low refrigerant levels. Refrigerant can be a dangerous substance, so as tempting as it may be to handle this issue yourself, be sure to call a qualified technician.

Inconsistent Temperatures

If the temperature of the air that’s coming out of the system switches back and forth between warm and cool, this could be the result of a few different issues. For this, you want to check the filter, valves, coils, and condensation drains for any obstructions.

Diminished Airflow

If the airflow has diminished, the first thing you should check is the air filter, to see if it needs to be either cleaned or replaced. If that’s not it, then this could be a sign that your compressor is wearing out.

Strange Noises or Smells

Two obvious signs of a problem are when it begins to emit either strange noises or smells. Minor noises could indicate parts that have become loose or clogged with dirt, whereas harsher noises such as screeching or rattling could indicate a more serious problem. For smells, check the filter first. If that’s clean, get the unit checked out. because it might be a more serious problem.

Leaking or Excess Moisture

An air conditioner can routinely have a small bit of condensation — even water — dripping outside of the unit, but it should usually be dry. Excessive moisture could mean a refrigerant leak, and moisture around the house could indicate the need for a full replacement of the system.

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