Signs of Low Refrigerant in Your System

Signs of Low Refrigerant in Your System

Refrigerant is your air conditioning system’s lifeblood. With low refrigerant, the system will struggle to keep your house comfortably cool. So how do you know you that your A/C is low on refrigerant? Be on the lookout for the following telltale symptoms.

A/C is Blowing Warm Air

Your air conditioner uses refrigerant to cool your home’s air. If there isn’t enough refrigerant to absorb heat from the air drawn into your A/C unit, the unit may blow back lukewarm or warm air. However, before concluding that you have a refrigerant issue, ensure the outdoor unit isn’t dirty, and the thermostat’s fan setting has been set to AUTO and not ON.

Increased Energy Bills

An A/C system with low refrigerant will run longer to cool your living space adequately. The harder it has to work to keep you comfortable, the more you’ll have to spend on cooling. As a result, your recent energy bills may be significantly higher than those of the previous summer.

Ice on Refrigerant Lines

Low refrigerant results in low pressure, which in turn causes low temperatures that freeze the evaporator coil. When the coil freezes, the liquid refrigerant is forced to flow back to the refrigerant lines. The moisture surrounding the lines freezes up and becomes icy.

Noticeable Hissing Noise

Your air conditioner won’t use up refrigerant the way a car would use gas. Therefore, a leak is the likely culprit for low refrigerant levels. If the refrigerant is escaping from your A/C system through a leak, you’re likely to hear a light hissing or bubbling sound.

A low refrigerant problem can severely damage your air conditioner, so it’s crucial to address it quickly once you come across these signs. Exposure to refrigerant is hazardous, so don’t try to fix the issue on your own if you’re not an HVAC expert.

If you believe your air conditioner is low on refrigerant, please contact Aggressive Mechanical Contractors to schedule a service appointment. Homeowners in Monmouth County and the surrounding areas have counted on us to solve all their air conditioning problems for three generations.

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