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Single Vs. Two-Stage Furnaces

25 May
Single Vs. Two-Stage Furnaces

Replacing your furnace gives you an opportunity to compare different equipment options to get the biggest benefit from your investment in terms of efficiency and comfort. If you currently have a single-stage model, you’ll want to learn more about two-stage furnaces before you make a purchasing decision.

Comparing Single- and Two-Stage Furnaces

There are some key differences between single and two-stage heating systems:

  • Single-stage furnaces are equipped with a fixed burner valve that provides one level of heat output. They’re best suited to extremely cold climates, because they operate at full capacity during every heating cycle.
  • Furnaces that feature two-stage heating have a dual position valve to supply fuel to the burner. These units are designed to automatically switch between two levels of heat output: a low level that provides about 60–65 percent of the total BTUs, and a high level at the maximum capacity. This type of furnace is ideal for New Jersey, where our winters often alternate between milder and extremely cold weather.

Benefits of Investing in Two-Stage Heating

Using less energy to keep your home comfortable is a major advantage of owning a two-stage furnace that’s able to run on a lower heat output level during milder periods. In addition to the operating cost savings this provides, two-stage heating offers some other appreciable benefits as well:

  • More consistent comfort. With a single-stage furnace, you’ll feel a blast of heat when it cycles on, followed by a chilly period when it cycles off. When you have a two-stage model that automatically transitions from low to high output as needed, you’ll notice fewer temperature fluctuations.
  • Quiet operation. Because it’s not operating on high much of the time, a two-stage furnace tends to be less noisy than a single-stage model.
  • Less wear and tear. The ability to run on a lower setting also helps reduce strain and wear on the heating system components, which can lessen the likelihood of breakdowns or premature failures.

To learn more about two-stage furnaces and whether this type of heating system is ideal for your Monmouth County home, contact us today at Aggressive Mechanical Contractors.

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