What Size Dehumidifier Does Your Monmouth County Home Require?

What Size Dehumidifier Does Your Monmouth County Home Require?

If your Monmouth County home is extremely muggy during warm weather, smells musty, has condensation on the walls or shows signs of mold and mildew growth, your home’s humidity level may be too high. A dehumidifier can help remove any excess moisture from the air, but to work efficiently, it must be sized to match your home correctly.

Benefits of Reducing Humidity

When it is humid, you feel much hotter than when the air is dry. By removing humidity from your home’s air with a dehumidifier, you will feel much more comfortable at the same temperature, which can reduce your cooling costs. Dehumidifiers also help to reduce mold growth, which can irritate allergies, cause health problems and cause damage to your home. In addition, they can prevent water damage caused by condensation and reduce the chances of infestation by pests that prefer high humidity, such as termites.

Choosing the Correct Size

Dehumidifiers are rated by their ability to remove a certain amount of moisture from the air, measured in pints, within a 24-hour period. Like your HVAC system, undersizing or oversizing a dehumidifier will cause it to run inefficiently and possibly reduce its lifespan. The following guide will recommend the appropriate size dehumidifier for your home, according to the home’s square footage and humidity level:

  1. 500 Square Feet: For moderate humidity, purchase a unit rated 10- to 12-pints, and for severe humidity with condensation and standing water, a 14- to 16-pint model is recommended.
  2. 1000 Square Feet: For moderate humidity choose a 14- to 17-pint model, or up to a 23-pint model for high humidity.
  3. 1500 Square Feet: For moderate humidity, select a 18- to 22-pint model or up to a 30-pint system for severe humidity.
  4. 2000 Square Feet: For moderate humidity, choose a 22- to 17-pint model or up to a 44-pint model for very humid conditions.

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