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Smart Heating Options for Your House

30 Nov
Smart Heating Options for Your House

Heating your home as efficiently as possible makes good sense with today’s high energy costs. Thanks to HVAC industry advancements and innovations, there are now smart heating systems available that can bring you enhanced household efficiency and energy savings, along with perks like superb ease of use, worry-free reliability and an exceptional level of comfort.

What’s So Smart About Smart Systems?

Smart systems pair intelligent controls with the latest, most advanced components. The end result is an intuitive, adaptive and responsive heating system that provides fine-tuned control and insight, and unparalleled convenience. A system may consist of cutting-edge components like:

  • Learning thermostats
  • Multi-stage furnace burners
  • Variable-speed air handlers
  • Intelligent zoning systems

Benefits of Opting for Smart Heating

Control is the key in a smarter home heating system, so the pivotal component is an intelligent thermostat like the Lennox iComfort. These brainy devices let you access your comfort system from almost anywhere via a smartphone app. You’re able to program and adjust your home heating remotely, but you’ll gain many other benefits too, because your smart thermostat works behind the scenes, 24/7, so you can enjoy:

  • Hassle-free maintenance. The thermostat monitors your system’s operation consistently and reminds you about changing air filters, scheduling preventive care, and even lets you know if a problem develops that needs professional intervention.
  • Optimal comfort and efficiency. Smart thermostats communicate directly with other advanced heating components, like the air handler and furnace, to maximize efficiency and fine-tune comfort levels throughout the house.
  • Healthier air quality. Your thermostat can use its intelligence to monitor outdoor pollen counts and your indoor humidity, and run the appropriate equipment to amp up filtration or add more moisture as needed.
  • Effortless zoning. When you have intelligent zoning, your thermostat can make temperature setting adjustments based on occupancy and use in specific zones.
  • Streamlined energy savings. Using the GPS built into your smartphone, an intelligent thermostat can tell when you’re home or away and automatically adjust the furnace’s heat output to maximize energy savings.

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