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What Smart Home Savings Are Available to You?

26 Sep
What Smart Home Savings Are Available to You?

With today’s savvy homeowners “going green” is all the rage. Transforming your home into an energy-saving machine not only reduces your carbon footprint, but can drastically lower your monthly utility costs. Such upgrades also make it easy to control your home environment, even when you’re not there. Learn more about smart home savings and how you can benefit from them.

Tips for Smart Home Savings

Some upgrades are relatively cheap, while others are more of an investment that reveal their money-savings potential over time. Every change helps, and you can keep making improvements until you’ve maximized your home’s eco-friendly abilities. The following are some of the ways smart home tech can help you save:

Install a Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat.

These devices make it simple to remotely monitor and control the temperature inside your home. Smart thermostats also offer passcode functionality to ensure your temperature schedule isn’t changed without your approval.

Switch to energy-efficient lighting.

Lighting upgrades aren’t just limited to making the change from traditional incandescents to CFLs and LEDs, but also includes adding motion sensor and timers to your system. With motion sensors the lights will automatically turn off in a room after it is left unoccupied for a time. Timers are ideal for ensuring your porch light is turned off every night at a set time, and are perfect for saving energy with holiday lighting.

Lower your water usage with an automatic irrigation system.

Similar to a smart thermostat, automatic irrigation systems allow you to set a schedule based on local rain conditions and to monitor you usage right from your computer.

Purchase energy-efficient appliances when it’s time to upgrade.

It’s easy to now find washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and the like with energy-saving capabilities. There are even refrigerators that can remind you to buy milk when you’re at the grocery store. Many are equipped with cameras so you can view the status of the produce in your refrigerator while you’re shopping.

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