Stop Air Leaks Now With These Tips

Stop Air Leaks Now With These Tips

Though spring may be arriving already for our neighbors further south, many of us here in New Jersey are still concerned about our heating bills, and searching for ways to lower our energy use. Many homeowners don’t realize that their home may have major air leaks, or may not realize how much these air leaks can raise their heating and cooling costs. No matter the season, sealing air leaks can save a lot of money. Here are a few tips to help you get your house sealed without any stress:

  • Conduct a home energy audit. The first step in sealing your home is to figure out where all of the leaks are. There are a number of resources in print and online about conducting your own energy audit if you’d prefer to do it yourself, but you will probably get better results from hiring a professional, who has expert knowledge and specialized tools for locating leaks.
  • Insulate your home. Most homes already have some form of insulation, but if things are feeling drafty, you may want to reevaluate your insulation needs. Whether you choose batting or loose-fill insulation, be sure that the attic and walls of your house are well-insulated to keep your energy costs down and your house comfortable.
  • Find any gaps, and seal them. Seemingly tiny cracks and gaps can be surprisingly large drains on heating and cooling energy. Windows and doors are common places to find gaps, but electrical outlets and baseboards are also frequent culprits. After your home energy audit, be sure you seal everything with a durable substance, such as weatherstripping, spray foam, or caulk.
  • Have your ductwork examined for leaks. It can be easy to forget about your air ducts, since they’re generally invisible inside the home, but duct leaks can be very wasteful. If you notice certain rooms heating or cooling poorly or slowly, you may have a duct leak.

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