Summer HVAC Tips and Tricks

Summer HVAC Tips and Tricks

With the summer heat on its way, it’s time to start thinking about how to maintain your HVAC system so that it won’t be overworked unnecessarily. A broken air conditioning unit in the height of summer is the last thing you’d want to deal with. Follow the summer HVAC tips below to keep your unit running at peak efficiency, lower your utility bill, and enjoy a more comfortable house.

Replace or clean your filter

A clogged air filter will reduce your HVAC system’s efficiency and recirculate dust throughout your home. Replace your disposable filter at least once every month. If you have a washable filter, make sure you clean it thoroughly every month.

Clean your outdoor unit

Turn off the power to the condenser before opening it up for cleaning. Clean the coils gently with a refrigerator coil brush. Alternatively, use a soft brush attached to a vacuum. Also, clear away any plants and debris around the base of your condenser.

Utilize fans

Consider installing ceiling fans, floor fans, and tabletop fans throughout your house. They maximize airflow and make you feel cooler. As a result, you can raise your thermostat and lower your air conditioning costs.

Invest in window treatments

Windows allow unwanted heat to flood your home’s interior, making your air conditioner work harder. High-quality treatments like drapes, blinds, shades, and window film can go a long way in promoting a cool indoor environment.

Update your HVAC model

Your old HVAC unit may fail to cool your home sufficiently regardless of your best maintenance efforts. It may be best to upgrade it. Newer A/C models are more efficient than older ones. What’s more, your old system could be costing you extra money each year due to excess energy waste and cooling loss.

Take the steps above to ensure efficient summer HVAC operation while making your home complement your A/C unit. If you live in Monmouth County or the surrounding area and need help with HVAC repairs or choosing the ideal cooling upgrade for your home, contact the experts at Aggressive Mechanical Contractors.

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