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What Do AFUE, SEER and HSPF Mean for Your System?

06 May
HVAC qustions

HVAC-industry acronyms like AFUE, SEER and HSPF may look like Greek to you. However, decoding their meanings can help you increase your home’s energy efficiency. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to do a little comparison shopping and find the most suitable system that matches your home’s HVAC needs. Here’s what the AFUE, SEER […]

Condensing Furnaces: The Best Bet for Efficiency in Our Region

04 Mar
Best Choice

Long cold winters and high heating bills can be exhausting, and this season has been especially trying. If you’re shopping for a new furnace, check out condensing furnaces for exceptional home comfort that won’t exhaust your energy budget. Efficiency, Comfort, Safety Fuel efficiency is important for regions with as many low degree days we experience […]

Condensing Furnaces May be Right for Your Monmouth County Home

27 Feb
what you need to know

Condensing furnaces remedy a long-standing drawback of older gas-fired furnaces. Here’s a hint: A standard gas furnace utilizes an exhaust vent pipe made of heavy, heat-resistant metal while the exhaust vent for a condensing furnace is plastic and stays cool to the touch. In conventional gas heating, a significant amount of heat energy produced by […]