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How A/C Surge Protectors Save Your Appliances

08 Aug
How A/C Surge Protectors Save Your Appliances

More than ever, a whole-house surge protector is worth considering to protect your HVAC system and every other appliance and device inside it. It’s not uncommon for severe storms to cause power outages or down lines. As the power is being restored, the electricity isn’t stable and it’s likely to have short bursts of high […]

Use Surge Protectors to Save Energy and Money

10 Apr
surge protector

A surge protector will keep all of your electronics, appliances and other valuable assets that plug into the wall safe during a power outage. Surges are commonly caused by lightning, short circuits and even tripped circuit breakers. If your computer and other electronic equipment are not plugged into a surge protector, a lightning strike could […]