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How Window Treatments Can Boost Energy Efficiency

22 May
Window Treatments

Optimum home energy efficiency is largely a matter of managing heat. Windows are a major source of unwanted heat gain and heat loss in most homes. On a summer day, solar heat energy passing through windows raises indoor temperatures, boosting monthly HVAC costs. On a winter night, conversely, heat readily radiates outward through window glass, […]

Solar Shades to Reduce A/C Costs

04 Aug
Solar Shades to Reduce A/C Costs

Keeping the heat inside your home to a minimum takes a burden off your air conditioning system and lowers your energy bills. Solar shades placed on windows, over patios, or used as canopies block the radiant heat from the sun. What Are They? These shades, or screens, use a special fabric that’s woven or knitted […]