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Install Your Tankless Water Heater in One of These Spots

19 Nov
Install Your Tankless Water Heater in One of These Spots

The good news about installing a tankless water heater is that it has no tank. You’re not limited to a closet or other space large enough to accompany the big footprint of a 40-gallon conventional storage tank heater. Because a tankless water heater produces hot water on-demand, it doesn’t need the bulky and energy-inefficient storage tank. Tankless models impose other requirements that may influence installation choices, however. Still, in most homes, you’ll have a wider variety of acceptable options than a storage tank heater. Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • To minimize significant piping issues, you’ll want to install the heater close to a household water supply line. A gas-fired tankless heater will also need a natural gas supply pipe routed to it—depending on the heater, it may require a pipe larger than the 1/2-inch gas pipe standard in most homes—so this requirement should be taken into consideration when thinking about installation, as well. For an electric tankless heater, the closer it is located to your main electrical panel, the better.
  • Select a spot as near as possible to the household’s primary hot water demand. This might be the kitchen or a master bathroom. Proximity to demand reduces the wait for hot water and also the “sandwich effect” where a brief spurt of cold water interrupts a hot stream. Where demand is split evenly between two primary sources, locating the heater equidistant from both is a good compromise.
  • Venting requirements may also influence location. Existing vent pipes utilized for storage tank heaters are not appropriate for a tankless system. For example, a tankless heater may need to be vented through a nearby wall, instead of to the roof. All gas tankless heaters require venting to exhaust flue gases. Sealed combustion models also need a second dedicated intake vent. Many tankless heaters can utilize a concentric vent design in which both exhaust and intake functions are incorporated into a single larger pipe which is then routed to a nearby exterior opening. 

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