The Early Bird Gets the A/C Tune Up

The Early Bird Gets the A/C Tune Up

Evaluating your A/C unit and getting it ready for summer is an important step to prepare for the heat wave. Servicing your system beforehand sets up you and your family for a cool, comfortable living space you can depend on. Be the early bird who gets the A/C tune up to ensure your system is working at its best during the hottest days of the year! Here are the benefits you can expect by doing so.

Catch Problems Early

Mechanical problems often develop slowly over time. For instance, as wear and tear take their toll, the fan belt in your air handler may stretch and fray. If left unaddressed, the belt could eventually snap and damage other components. By scheduling an A/C tune up every spring, you can catch small problems like this before they lead to a more expensive repair.

Avoid System Failure

Just like getting an oil change in your car, preventative A/C maintenance can help your unit perform more dependably. Avoid the inconvenience of a mid-season breakdown with a tune up every spring.

Improve Efficiency

As your system ages, its performance declines. Help maintain the best operation this season by having it serviced in the spring before you need it most.

Preserve Warranty Coverage

While you can handle basic tasks such as replacing the air filter, many manufacturers require licensed technicians to perform seasonal maintenance. This may be necessary to uphold your air conditioner warranty, so keep up with this important yearly task.

Prevent Premature Air Conditioner Replacement

Failure to maintain your A/C can shorten its lifespan significantly. Annual tune ups can have the opposite effect, saving you thousands of dollars by helping your system last years longer.

Schedule an A/C Tune up Today

To enjoy these benefits, don’t forget to schedule an A/C tune up with Aggressive Mechanical Contractors this spring. Now is the best time of year for air conditioner maintenance, not only to ensure optimal performance, but because cooling technicians will have their hands full with emergency repairs once summer arrives.

To schedule your A/C inspection, please contact us today.

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