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The Temperature Effects of Color

14 Mar
The Temperature Effects of Color

The temperature effects of color are profound on physical, mental and emotional levels. Light colors are associated with warm temperatures and easy-going behavior, while dark colors suggest cool temperatures and serious moods. Physically, white and light reflect sunshine while dark temperatures absorb its heat.

Influences of Color

When you’re surrounded by warm colors like hues of reds, oranges and greens, you may feel cozier than when you’re in a space that has white and pale colors. You’ll feel warmer in a room where dark colors predominate and cooler in a pale or pastel space.

Color and Degree Days

Degree day data are useful for determining whether heating or cooling dominates a particular region. Each degree in a day indicates how many degrees the temperature has to be raised to 65 degrees F indoors to maintain comfort.

According to NOAA data, eighty percent of the degree days have been for heating in the Monmouth County area for the last three years. Since heating demands in this region outweigh the need for cooling by a large margin, color choices should lean toward the darker and warmer to maximize heat gain.

Using Color for This Climate

Homes with darker exteriors will collect more heat on the exterior walls that may transfer through the walls, which could help warm the interior. Deciduous trees and shrubs would help keep the home cooler in the summer by shading the outside walls.

Exceptions to the Rule

The exception to this is roofing color. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) rates roofing materials by their ability to reflect heat caused by sunlight. Those that excel receive the Energy Star designation. A warm roof does not contribute to home heating in the winter as long as the attic has enough insulation. Instead, a warm roof is more likely to form ice dams that can cause substantial damage to attics and roof structures.

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