Are You Ready to Move on From an Analog Thermostat? Note These Programmable Advantages

Are You Ready to Move on From an Analog Thermostat? Note These Programmable Advantages

Another cold New Jersey winter is on the way, and many homeowners are starting to experience anxiety about their impending heating bills. If you are still using an old analog thermostat, you may be paying more than you need to in heating costs. Newer thermostats offer increased accuracy and reliability — programmable advantages that can help your heating and cooling system to run more efficiently.

Programmable thermostats have grown in popularity over the past few years, and for good reason. Programmable thermostats adapt your HVAC system to fit your lifestyle, which generally also saves a lot of energy and money. With an older, standard thermostat, a homeowner has to adjust the temperature manually any time they want a change. This often means that homeowners keep the thermostat at one set temperature throughout the season, both day and night, even if no one is home. This also means that the system will kick on any time the temperature falls even one degree below your setting, increasing your heating bills.

With programmable thermostats, you can enter your schedule into the thermostat, and it will adjust the heating and cooling automatically. That means the system can shut off while you’re out of the house at work or asleep, and turn on just before you arrive home or wake up, keeping the house comfortable when you need it to be, but wasting no energy while you don’t need heating or cooling. Many newer models of programmable thermostats are computerized and utilize wireless technology to learn your schedule without any programming from you, and allow you to control the system from a wireless device.

If a programmable thermostat seems too complicated or high-tech for your household, consider simply updating to a digital thermostat. Digital thermostats are more accurate than their analog predecessors, and contain no mercury. They also tend to be far easier to read, allowing you to quickly set the temperature with just one glance.

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