Why Tight Ductwork is Important

Why Tight Ductwork is Important

As spring draws near, and along with it, that lovely moment when you can turn off the furnace and open the windows, you might give some good thought to how you can upgrade your HVAC system for greater efficiency. One great way to do that is with tighter ductwork.

How Tight Ducts Help You Save Money

You may not give your ducts a second thought, but you should. Year after year, they do their part, expanding and contracting as they deliver cool or warm air throughout your home. Over time, ducts may crack or develop holes. Segments come loose. As a result, conditioned air is lost to unconditioned spaces, while moisture and dust can be drawn into your system, compromising air quality and making it more difficult to heat or cool your home.

According to the Department of Energy, as much as 30 percent of conditioned air is wasted through the ductwork in most homes.

How to Tell if Your Ducts Need Work

If you can gain access to your ducts, you may be able to determine if you have a problem by visual inspection. Look for disconnected segments, as well as any cracking or holes. If your ducts are in a difficult-to-access space, you’ll probably need to hire professional help to have them inspected.

Some signs of loose or problem ducts are as follows:

  • Rattling sounds, which may indicate loose connections
  • Heating and cooling are uneven, which could mean you have obstructions to airflow or disconnected segments. Sometimes uninsulated ducts cause this problem as well.
  • High humidity, which can be caused when humid conditions in the attic or basement allow moisture to enter the conditioned air

Another problem involves a loud whoosh of air, which could be caused by ducts that are too small for the volume of air the system is sending through them.

Patch up ductwork with metal foil tape, metal screws and mastic, or call a professional HVAC consultant for a recommendation.

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