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Tips for Dealing with HVAC Pros

25 Jan
Tips for Dealing with HVAC Pros

When you hire an HVAC pro, you want to make sure you’re getting a top professional with a good business ethic and the experience and skills it takes to get the job done right. As you shop around for the right person for the job, it can pay to know how best to deal with HVAC pros.

Hiring the Right HVAC Pro

Dealing with an HVAC pro starts during the hiring process. For best results, ask people you know for recommendations. Ask business associates, neighbors and friends who they use, then do your research. Look up the companies online and read their ratings, but realize ratings can be skewed to be too good, while negative ratings can be from someone with an ax to grind.

Check References

The best method for finding the right HVAC pro is to call up each candidate and ask for references. Call the references, and ask about satisfaction with the job done. Was it completed on time and within the estimated cost? Is the installation or repair working as it should?

Ask for an Estimate

When you find someone you think could do a good job, ask for an estimate, but do not accept estimates over the phone. It’s best if the consultant comes to your home to look at your equipment so as to provide a more accurate assessment when you’re in need of a repair. LIkewise with an installation. You need an HVAC consultant who knows how to use industry software to determine how big a system you should have installed.

Check Licensing

Be sure to also ask about licensing, bonding and insurance. Is the contractor licensed to operate in our state? Bonding is when the company puts up a certain sum as a surety with a bonding company. This ensures that the funds will be available if the consumer has to make a claim against the consultant. Insurance will cover any injury that occurs to the worker on your property.

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