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Top 7 Causes of HVAC Airflow Problems

15 Jan
Top 7 Causes of HVAC Airflow Problems

You can have the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art HVAC system on the market, but if the airflow in your home is impeded in some way, the system is not going to cool and heat properly. The result will be uneven temperatures, inefficient performance and possibly higher utility bills than should occur otherwise.

Here are seven common reasons for airflow problems.

1. Insufficient return vents.

The return vents are where air is drawn in to be conditioned by the system, and then is distributed through supply vents. Often, there is only one large return vent in a hall, rather than return vents throughout the home. The intake may be inadequate to provide enough air for the system to function properly.

2. Obstructions in or in front of return vents.

Drapes, rugs, furniture or other obstructions may prevent return vents from taking in enough air.Vents may also harbor obstructing nests from rodents or insects.

3. Closed dampers.

Closed dampers in the registers may prevent proper airflow and cause unbalanced airflow. The HVAC system will perform inefficiently.

4. Poor ductwork design.

Often, the design of the home’s ductwork is not right for the HVAC system, with ducts installed in a manner that restricts airflow. The result is uneven cooling and heating, unbalanced airflow and increased energy costs.

5. Improperly sized vents and ductwork.

The correct static pressure must be maintained as air moves through ductwork. If ductwork is too large, the pressure will drop and the air won’t reach its destination. If ductwork is too small, restriction will keep airflow from reaching its designation.

6. Leaking ductwork.

If ducts are leaking air in unconditioned spaces, the system will have to work harder to maintain proper airflow and delivery of heated or cooled air. Ducts should be checked occasionally for breaches.

7. Dirty air filters, or too-dense filters.

A dirty filter, as well as a filter that is too dense for your system, will impede airflow and strain the motor. Change filters often, and make sure yours is the right density for your system.

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