Two-Stage Cooling: Why It’s So Efficient

Two-Stage Cooling: Why It’s So Efficient

With the hot summer months driving the temperature up here in New Jersey, you may be wondering if it’s time to replace the old A/C. If you’re thinking about a new A/C, you should consider putting in a two-stage cooling system. Two-stage cooling systems are energy efficient, better at providing even cooling comfort, and offer better humidity control than older, standard units.

Why is two-stage cooling more energy efficient? A two-stage system has a variable speed compressor, which means you can regulate how much cold air is being produced at one time. Most older A/C units only have a one-speed compressor, with variable air handling. This means that with standard A/C, you can change how fast the fan blows, but not how much cold air the compressor makes. No matter how much cooling is needed, it only has one setting: full blast.

A two-stage system adjusts how much cold-air the A/C is making based on how much cold air is needed. When it’s really hot out, the A/C will run on the high setting until reaching the target temperature, and then switch down to the low setting to maintain that temperature and save energy. Because the two-stage system only produces enough cold air to maintain the target temperature, it doesn’t have to work as hard, and is more energy efficient than older A/C.

Why is a two-stage compressor better at providing cooling comfort? Because the system runs consistently, releasing a steady stream of coolness, you don’t get the temperature fluctuations from the compressor turning on and off, like with older A/C models. It also removes more humidity inside, which makes the temperature feel cooler.

How does two-stage cooling provide better humidity control? The compressor runs on low for long periods, which pulls more moisture out over time than a regular A/C compressor that only runs sporadically. It is also unlikely that a two-stage compressor is going to blow moisture back into your home while the compressor is idle, which can happen with standard compressors.

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