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Solving Common Uneven Cooling Issues 

22 Feb
Uneven cooling issues

Inconsistent temperatures and hot or cold spots are problems that many homeowners experience, but they’re not issues that you simply have to live with. There are specific reasons why uneven cooling occurs, and a knowledgeable HVAC professional can investigate the underlying cause and make necessary fixes to improve the comfort level throughout your home. Here are some causes of uneven cooling that an HVAC pro might uncover in your home, along with possible solutions:

Improper Equipment Sizing

Inaccurately-sized air conditioner or heat pump capacity can make it impossible to enjoy consistent cooling throughout your home. Equipment without sufficient capacity simply can’t meet your cooling needs. With too much capacity, your equipment will reach your chosen temperature setting too quickly and cycle off before it effectively cools the entire house. Your HVAC contractor can complete a detailed load calculation to determine the capacity that’s ideal, and help you weigh the benefits of replacing your existing equipment.

Inefficient System Control

When you just have a single thermostat controlling cooling in a large or two-story home, some rooms or areas may not cool down enough for comfort. For more even, consistent temperature control, your HVAC pro may recommend installing a zoning system to break up the space into two or more zones. This involves installing motorized dampers in the ducts along with dedicated thermostats for each zone. Then, the devices are linked to centrally-located panel where you can set and control comfort perimeters for all the zones.

Air Distribution Deficiencies

Poorly-designed or inefficient ductwork, or unbalanced system airflow can result in significant differences in cool air output from room to room. To determine the exact cause and right solutions, a pro can inspect the ducts and perform tests to determine what’s needed to restore good air flow and proper balance within your HVAC system. The necessary steps may include sealing and insulating the ductwork, installing extra return ducts, adding balancing dampers, or fine-tuning the blower fan speed.

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