Using Essential Oils in Your Furnace Air Filter

Using Essential Oils in Your Furnace Air Filter

During the winter, doors and windows stay closed. As a result, you may come home on some days to an environment that smells stale. Fortunately, making your home smell great is easier than you may think. All you need is some essential oils and your furnace filter.

The Natural Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils are natural compounds obtained from aromatic compounds occurring in parts of plants such as the seeds, leaves, bark, and stems. They distribute fresh scent without using any potentially harmful chemicals. They also provide several extra benefits:

  • Clove, oregano, and bergamot are natural antibiotics
  • Eucalyptus, rosemary, and cypress protect your home against the growth of bacteria
  • Sage, sandalwood, and eucalyptus kill fungus
  • Lemon, thyme, and cinnamon help stop viruses from spreading
  • Lavender and tea tree calm and disinfect the house as well as offering protection from dust mites and other pests

Best of all, the oils don’t affect the function and integrity of your furnace filter.

How to Add the Oils to Your Filter

  1. For best results, start by replacing your clogged or dirty furnace filter with a new one.
  2. Choose your preferred oil. Feel free to personalize your fragrance by mixing different oils, such as rose and sandalwood or eucalyptus and lavender.
  3. Spread 20 drops of the single oil or combination of oils across your air filter. They should adhere to the filter quickly and easily.
  4. Install the filter. When the air turns on, you’ll start smelling the fresh scent circulating throughout your home.

Typically, the fragrance starts dying off after about 30 days – just in time to remind you to change it for the next month.

Adding essential oils to your air filter will keep your whole home smelling fresh without diminishing your air quality.

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