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Advantages and Difficulties of Using Solar Power

22 Mar
Advantages and Difficulties of Using Solar Power

Your power bill is constantly increasing. No matter what you do to conserve, it seems like every month you owe more. Not only that, energy rates are expected to increase this year across New Jersey. Maybe now would be a good time to invest in solar panels. But think it through first. There are pros and cons to consider before deciding if solar power is right for you.

Disadvantages of Solar

The main hindrance to solar energy is the expense. The average cost of solar panel installation in New Jersey is around $18,000. The good news is, there are ways of mitigating that cost. If you can save up the money and pay cash, rather than financing it, you’ll knock off almost $2,000. There are also tax breaks and other incentives to help reduce the cost of solar. But still, it takes several years, at minimum, for you to start seeing a return on your investment.

You should also look at whether your house is suited to solar power. Is your roof’s construction adequate for solar installation? Older roofs often can’t handle it. Additionally, if you have a skylight, a roof patio, or other obstructions, it can make solar installation difficult.

Advantages of Solar

Even though solar is expensive initially, if you give it a few years, it’s well worth the investment. Not only can it reduce or even eliminate your energy bills, you can actually get paid for your panels. Many power companies have buy back programs, wherein any energy you produce above and beyond what you need for your home goes back into the power grid, and they’ll compensate you for it, either in cash, or as a credit on your bill.

And perhaps most importantly, solar is green. It’s unlimited, renewable energy that lets you drastically reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment. For many, that assurance is enough to make solar power worthwhile in any state.

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