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Opening Windows to Help With Ventilation

05 May
Opening Windows to Help With Ventilation

If you have a modern home, chances are it was built to be airtight. And, if it’s not, you’ve been advised to do everything you can to air seal it so your conditioned air stays in and unconditioned air stays out, right? That’s certainly good advice when it comes to efficient use of energy, but you still need ventilation. What to do about it?

What is Ventilation?

Ventilation lets fresh air in and stale air out and it’s a good thing. Once upon a time, homes were built so that outdoor air seeped in and stale air leaked out, but nowadays, indoor air may be more polluted than the air outside your home. You may be breathing an allergen-laden mixture of pollen, dust, pet dander, insect particles and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can aggravate respiratory problems and even make you sick.

Unless you have a dedicated ventilation system, you probably need to air out your home now and then. The simplest way is to just to open the windows.

Opening Windows

Granted, the dead of winter and the height of summer are not the best times to open windows and let the breezes sweep through. That said, it doesn’t hurt to open them a crack now and then, particularly in the bathroom where moisture can build up, or even in the kitchen to let odors dissipate.

Spring and fall are the best times to open windows. You can even put a small fan on the window sill to help draw out moisture, odors and pollutants. Be mindful when it’s humid out; opening windows and allowing more humidity inside can make the home feel warmer, in spite of air conditioning.

For nighttime cooling during the summer months, make the most of cross ventilation by leaving windows open on the windward and leeward (downwind) sides. A vacuum effect will draw the breezes through the home and help you cool it without using the A/C.

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