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Storage Water Heater Problems and How to Fix Them

11 Jun
Storage Water Heater Problems and How to Fix Them

When problems develop that affect the usually trouble-free operation of your home’s water heater, don’t panic. Instead, learn how to interpret some common symptoms of storage water heater problems and you can either fix minor issues quickly or call a licensed plumber.

Sudden Loss of Hot Water

An extinguished pilot light may be the culprit if you have a gas water heater, but it’s easy to re-light it using instructions from your owner’s manual. With an electric model, a tripped breaker may be the cause of the problem. If re-lighting the pilot or resetting the breaker doesn’t help, it’s time to call a pro.

Knocking Noises From the Tank

Loud popping or knocking noises are caused by sediment buildup inside the tank that’s making the water boil and bubble violently. Having the tank flushed out should solve this and help improve the heater’s energy efficiency as well.

Noticeable Dip in Water Temperature

This can be due to a badly corroded dip tube, a malfunctioning thermostat or sediment and scale accumulations on the tank bottom. For a short-term solution, you can see if raising the thermostat setting helps. To get the issue properly diagnosed and resolved, you’ll need the help of a qualified plumber.

Water Leakage From the Tank

If you see water seepage around the drain valve, tightening the knob may solve the problem. Thoroughly examine the tank’s exterior if you’re not sure where the leak is. If you discover leakage around the electric element bolts, pressure relief valve, welded seams or water line connections, a plumber should inspect the tank to tell you whether the problem is repairable or that a new water heater is necessary.

Drop in Hot Water Pressure

A severe sediment buildup inside the tank can affect water pressure, especially if it’s blocking the water lines or dip tube. A failing shut-off valve is another possible offender. You’ll need the help of a plumbing pro to properly investigate the cause and get the issue fixed.

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