Water Heater Choices: A Tank Type Could be Your Best Bet

Water Heater Choices: A Tank Type Could be Your Best Bet

When looking over hot water heater choices, many people and experts tout the benefits of the new tankless water heaters. While these improved energy efficient models are great options for many families, they aren’t always the best option available. For many people a tank water heater is still their best bet, due to some unique benefits that only a tank water can offer.

  1. A tank water heater stores a lot more water than their tankless counterparts, for obvious reasons. This heightened capacity is great for families with multiple children, since you’ll need enough water to do dishes, laundry and showers for multiple individuals living in the home.
  2. A tank water heater requires less resources than a typical tankless heater, due to using up less gas and energy. Their heating elements are much smaller, so installation is easier and not usually a problem in small spaces.
  3. Due to these smaller heating elements and resource consumption, installation costs are generally a lot less for storage style water heaters. When looking at water heater choices, it’s important to look at not only the cost of the unit, but also that of installation.
  4. In addition to lower installation costs, the purchase price for a storage hot water heater is much lower than for a tankless heater, often costing less than $500 to purchase. For families where frugality is important, a storage tank may be the perfect fit.
  5. In the case of a power outage of gas shortage, a storage type water heater will still temporarily hold hot water for you, which can come in handy when you least expect it.

Though tankless heaters are becoming more and more popular, they aren’t the best fit for each and every family. Storage tank heaters are still great options for millions of households, so don’t automatically dismiss them. For more information on issues like this, feel free to contact us at Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, Inc. – serving New Jersey for generations!

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