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How Water Quality Affects Your HVAC

26 Jul
How Water Quality Affects Your HVAC

The term “water quality” usually brings to mind a home’s plumbing system and water heater, but quality issues with your household water supply can also have a negative impact on your HVAC system if you rely on a boiler for heating.

Cause of HVAC Water Quality Concerns

Hard water with a high mineral content is most often the culprit that wreaks havoc on a home’s plumbing pipes, water heater and HVAC components like the boiler. As water heats up inside the boiler, minerals like calcium and magnesium suspended in the liquid turn into solid scale particles that can build up inside the heating system and adversely affect your equipment.

Effects of Poor Water Quality on a Boiler

An accumulation of mineral scale inside your boiler due to hard water can result in serious performance and longevity issues including:

Decline in energy efficiency. Scale build up on a boiler’s internal surfaces and heating elements acts as an insulator that impairs the equipment’s ability to heat water. In order to reach the required water temperature, the boiler’s elements are forced to run more often and for longer cycles, leading to increased energy consumption and higher utility bills.

Shorter equipment lifespan. If poor water quality is affecting your heating equipment and it’s not addressed, you’re more likely to experience an element failure and the associated inconvenience and repair bills. Long-term, significant scale buildup can also eventually cause a blowout or rupture that ruins the equipment and leaves you facing a costly, premature boiler replacement.

More frequent maintenance. If your home has a hard water supply, you’ll need to schedule regular preventive maintenance for your boiler to keep it running reliably and efficiently. A trusted HVAC pro is your best source of advice on whether scale accumulation is a concern, and how often your system should be flushed out to keep any buildup under control. A pro may also recommend additional options that can help minimize scale formation.

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