What In-Home Appliances Can Augment Your HVAC System?

What In-Home Appliances Can Augment Your HVAC System?

Your HVAC system is designed to do a specific job: cool and heat your home. However, your HVAC also does other jobs, like regulating your humidity and removing airborne particulates from your indoor air. Sometimes, though, you need other in-home appliances to help with these jobs. Here’s a look at a few of those in-home appliances, which you might want to consider for your home.


An in-home dehumidifier will do a great job of helping your HVAC system keep your home’s air dry. Although your HVAC is designed to remove moisture as it cools or heats, it can’t always keep up when relative humidity is very high. There are portable dehumidifiers, but the type installed in your HVAC system will more effectively remove moisture and will send it through the HVAC system and out of the house.


Sometimes, even in humid areas such as ours, there may be a reason to humidify the home. You don’t want conditions in your home that are too dry, which can aggravate respiratory problems and dry out wooden furnishings. Portable model humidifiers are sometimes used for this, but they have to be moved from room to room and must be filled up. Plumbed-in humidifiers, of which there are several types, are convenience-boosting, in-home appliances that will distribute moisture as needed from the plumbing, without the need for the homeowner to tend to them.

Ventilation System

Using a quality air filter on your HVAC system can help clean your air, but if you’re looking for radically improved indoor air quality, you may want a ventilation system. There are four basic types of ventilation systems, which can add fresh air or remove stale air. They vary in how they work and their installation cost, but the most desirable is probably the balanced system, which ideally removes as much stale air as it replaces with fresh air. Some models of these in-home appliances convert heat and/or moisture to energy while ventilating the air.

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