What Is a Variable Speed Furnace and How Can It Help You This Fall and Winter?

What Is a Variable Speed Furnace and How Can It Help You This Fall and Winter?

Variable speed furnaces are really catching on as homeowners learn the benefits. Not only are they efficient, saving homeowners money on utility bills, they also boost comfort. Here’s why you might consider upgrading with a variable speed furnace the next time you’re due for a furnace replacement.

What’s So Great About a Furnace with Varying Speeds?

You know how it is with your central gas furnace: You feel chilly and pull on the blanket. Then the furnace blasts on, waking you up with the noise and a surge of heat. So you push off the blanket and fall back asleep — until the heat goes off and you get chilly again.

With a variable speed furnace, that continuous, on-and-off blast of heat is gone. These furnaces start out at low speed, then ramp up as needed to spread the heat at a higher speed. Instead of a blast of hot air, the home’s occupants feel a gentler, more even flow of air.

How Variable Speed Furnaces Work

A variable speed furnace goes into action when the thermostat calls for heat. A gas valve opens and the gas ignites the burners, which warm the return air. The variable speed blower motor, which is located in the furnace, moves air into the ducts and then into the rooms. The blower motor comes on at variable speeds to control airflow. It will start up slow and operate at a low speed until the heating demand rises, in accordance with the indoor temperature.

Some of these furnaces are designed to come on when the temperature dips just one degree. This helps maintain a more consistent temperature in the home. However, results will vary depending on how energy-efficient your home is. The fewer air leaks you have, for instance, the more efficient this type of technology will be.

As the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy reports, this type of motor running at half speed may use 75% less power than single-stage motors. Obviously, using less energy generally means you’re saving money on utilities.

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