What Is the Ideal Setting for Your AC In the Spring?

What Is the Ideal Setting for Your AC In the Spring?

Sometimes it seems like it takes forever for spring to come to Monmouth and Ocean counties, but homeowners here are always ready for the challenge when it does. Spring doesn’t just mean the end of cold weather. It also means that it’s time to get your home ready for summer. Setting your HVAC system to the ideal spring AC setting is one step that will help you stay comfortable and save money.

What Is the Ideal Spring AC Setting?

Since spring typically has milder weather than summer, it’s a great opportunity to use your air conditioning system efficiently. Setting your thermostat at 78 while you’re home gives you a nice balance between comfort and cost savings.

You can save even more money by setting the thermostat higher when everyone is gone from the house. If you have a programmable thermostat, it’s even easier to put it on a schedule where the set temperature is increased when the house is normally empty.

Other Ways to Reduce Energy Costs in the Spring

Since many nights are still cool in the spring, you can turn off your AC system at night. Many homeowners enjoy opening their windows for fresh air while they sleep. Just don’t forget to shut your windows when you turn your system back on!

Ceiling fans are a good way to reduce energy usage in both the spring and the summer. Keep in mind that most ceiling fans have a “summer” and “winter” setting. In the spring and summer, they should be set to run counterclockwise to push air down to the inhabitants of the room. In the winter, they run clockwise to push cooler air up and force the hot air gathered at the ceiling downward. If you’re not sure if your fan is going in the right direction, try standing under the fan about a foot out from the end of the blades. If you feel air blowing on you, it is on the “summer” setting.

For more information about the ideal spring AC setting or other HVAC concerns, contact Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, Inc. We’ve proudly served Ocean and Monmouth counties since 1948.

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