What Number of HVAC Units Do You Need?

What Number of HVAC Units Do You Need?

It can be difficult to keep certain homes comfortable with just one central air conditioner, making the use of two systems more advantageous. However, factors like design, age, and purchasing and operating costs may make a second unit a bad decision. So how many HVAC units are best for your home? Read on to learn more.

Achieving Temperature Balance

In many older two-story houses, keeping all the rooms at the same temperature is a daunting task. The rooms on the second floor are usually much warmer than those on the other levels. As a result, you’ll often find one part of the home to be too cold or too hot.

Installing separate central AC units dedicated to each floor lets you keep the entire house comfortable.

Saving Energy on Seldom-Used Floors

A nonzoned central AC unit will keep all areas of a storied home cool, including the rarely used areas, such as the upstairs bedrooms. If you have such a house, you can cool the first floor during the day and turn off the air conditioning at night. You may only have to cool your upstairs bedroom at night.

In such a case, having separate central AC units can help you save energy significantly. While purchasing two units may be more costly than buying one unit, you may offset the extra cost of the second unit with significant energy savings.

Zoned System

The higher costs of installation, operation, and repair may make having two AC units an unattractive option. So what other alternatives exist that don’t compromise on comfort and efficiency? The answer: a single zoned system. It consists of a central AC unit with multiple thermostats, as well as zone dampers, within your ductwork.

A major advantage of a zoned system over a two-unit system is that it divides your house into two or more temperature zones, such as upstairs and downstairs. The temperature in each zone is controlled by a dedicated thermostat. You can close off or turn down a zone to save on energy costs.

A zoned system, just like a two-unit system, will be more costly to install than a standard AC unit. However, you may recoup the extra cost through energy savings over time. If you need more advice on how many HVAC units to install in your Monmouth or Ocean County home, don’t hesitate to contact us at Aggressive Mechanical Contractors.

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