What Regional Issues May Impact Your Heating Bill This Fall and Winter?

What Regional Issues May Impact Your Heating Bill This Fall and Winter?

Remember when, just a few years ago, shortages of petroleum due to wars and international politics were wreaking havoc on the price of fuel to heat our homes? It seems that almost overnight, with the discovery of huge deposits of natural gas, those energy shortages are a distant memory.

Factors Affecting Your Regional Heating Bill

Many factors affect the price of energy and your regional heating bill. Some homeowners, for instance, may have electric heating appliances or use home heating oil, and so they may pay a different rate than those who use natural gas. And while natural gas is abundant and cheap now, things can happen that boost the price, such as:

  • Disruption of supplies due to storms.
  • Sudden surge in demand due to extreme cold.
  • Greater demand for natural gas by manufacturers, power generators, and large buildings due to rising petroleum fuel prices, as a result of conflicts in oil-producing nations.

Keeping Your Regional Heating Bill in Check

You may experience fluctuations in your regional heating bill this winter, but you can keep costs in check. Efficiency is still in order, even in times such as these, when natural gas is abundant and prices are relatively low. Here’s how to save on your regional heating bill.

  1. Switch to a heat pump. Heat pumps are an increasingly popular way to heat and air-condition homes efficiently. In the past, they did not perform well in colder climates, but newer models have been improved. Most heat pumps run on electricity, and when the outdoor temperature drops too low for the heating unit to operate efficiently, they switch to some other form of heating, such as a furnace or radiant heating. You might also consider a ductless mini split, which is another kind of heat pump.
  2. Get rid of air leaks. Seal your home so the HVAC system runs more efficiently. Use caulk, insulation, and weatherstripping to seal off air leaks.
  3. Set the thermostat down. Wear extra layers of clothing and set the thermostat down a few degrees to save fuel.

For more on lowering your regional heating bill, contact Aggressive Mechanical Contractors of Neptune City.

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