What Sounds Your AC Should — and Shouldn’t — Be Making

What Sounds Your AC Should — and Shouldn’t — Be Making

AC sounds can remind you of reliable cool comfort — or an impending malfunction. In most cases, the only noticeable sound from your air conditioning system should be the subtle whoosh of air keeping your house comfortable on a hot summer day. However, in some cases, other AC sounds can alert you to impending issues that need to be addressed by an HVAC technician. Here are some examples of noises you shouldn’t ignore.

Squeaking or squealing.

HVAC ductwork efficiently transmits sounds from certain components throughout the house. A good example is the squeaking or squealing sound of a slipping blower drive belt located in the system’s indoor air handler. That’s a sign that the belt needs to be adjusted or replaced, or it may be a dry or defective bearing in the drive belt pulley. Contact your HVAC contractor to get a professional opinion and, if necessary, a repair.

Rattling noises.

Something’s loose somewhere. If it occurs only when the system cycles on, it’s likely a moving part in the system blower that is failing or requires tightening. In some cases, loose segments of HVAC ductwork may also rattle as air flows through ducts. Don’t ignore it. It might be the first symptom of an impending malfunction that could leave you without cooling.

Repeated clicking.

This is an AC-related sound you’ll hear outside rather than inside. The outdoor half of your central AC incorporates a relay that actuates the compressor. A worn, malfunctioning relay may cause a rapid clicking noise as the system receives the signal to cycle on. At first, it may only click briefly. However, this problem typically gets worse until, eventually, the worn-out part fails entirely and the AC will not turn on.

Rapid cycling.

A central AC should typically cycle on and off three to four times per hour. If you hear it cycling more frequently than that, schedule a checkup. This could be an early warning of an incipient issue somewhere in the system.

For qualified service to diagnose suspicious AC sounds, contact the professionals at Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

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