What to Know About Mobile Home HVAC Units

What to Know About Mobile Home HVAC Units

Because mobile homes incorporate different construction methods than standard housing that’s built on-site, mobile home HVAC units are likewise distinctive. Two factors influence the most common types of heating and cooling for mobile homes:

  • Available space for installation is often more limited inside a mobile home versus in a standard residence. This particularly affects the furnace options.
  • Ductwork that’s typically utilized in a central A/C or heating system is often not integrated into the construction of mobile homes.

When exploring available options for indoor heating and cooling, these are two of the most common alternatives:

Package Units

As the name implies, a “package” system incorporates multiple components into a single unit. Typically mounted on the roof of a mobile home, a package unit may incorporate all elements of a central A/C, including the evaporator and condenser coils, as well as the blower fan into the single enclosure. In addition, the package may include a gas-fired furnace.

Cooled and heated air is directed downward from the package unit into the mobile home through a single opening. Where the furnace is not integrated into a roof-mounted package, it may be a downsized unit installed in a small cabinet in the interior of the mobile home.

Ductless Mini Splits

Ductless systems incorporate a low-profile blower unit that also includes a refrigerant coil that’s usually mounted on the wall inside the mobile home. This indoor unit is connected to a compact external unit (which also contains a coil) by a narrow conduit that circulates refrigerant. During the winter, the system extracts heat from outdoor air at the external coil, compressing the heat molecules to increase warmth, then transfers that heat to the wall-mounted indoor unit, where it’s released by the coil and dispersed by the blower fan. In the summer, these functions reverse: The system cools the indoor space like a standard central A/C, removing indoor heat and transferring it to the outside unit, where it’s dispersed into the air. Because of their compact size, multiple mini splits can be utilized to cool and heat larger mobile homes.

For more about the available choices for mobile home HVAC units, contact Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

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