What’s the Right Indoor Temperature for a Christmas Tree?

What’s the Right Indoor Temperature for a Christmas Tree?

If you’ve ever brought home a fresh Christmas tree, only to watch in horror as its leaves turn brittle and drop off long before Christmas morning, you may be a bit cool to the idea of fresh Christmas trees in general. Maybe you’re thinking about investing in an artificial tree instead.

But you love the fresh green color, the piney scent, and the feel of a real tree when it’s in good shape.

It’s important to know the signs of a good, healthy tree when shopping. What’s more, there are tried and true ways to maintain it. Some of the factors that go into preserving your tree so that it looks good throughout the holiday: controlling indoor temperature, watering the tree adequately, and keeping it away from heat sources.

Following are some tips to preserve your next fresh Christmas tree.

Choose the Right Tree

Although trees may be dropping a few leaves (needles), make sure the leaves are plump and green and not showing signs of desiccation. Tap the tree against the ground to make sure only a few needles shake out. Leaves should feel slightly sticky and not brittle. Don’t choose trees that have been stacked up in a pile.

Caring for the Tree

When you get the tree home, cut off a couple of inches of the trunk on the slant. This removes any sap “scabbing” that will prevent the uptake of water. Place the tree in a sturdy plant stand, mounting it upright. Make sure the plant stand holds at least 1 gallon of water. Use cold water, filling the stand daily; no preservatives are needed.

Choose the Right Location

Keep the tree away from any heat or light source that might dry it out: large windows, heating vents, space heaters, a wood stove or a fireplace. Maintain a cool temperature, if at all possible, in the room where the tree is located. If you have a zoned system, set the thermostat to a cooler temperature in that zone.

For more on maintaining the right indoor temperature, contact Aggressive Mechanical, serving Neptune and the surrounding area.

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