Should You Invest in a Wi-Fi Thermostat?

Should You Invest in a Wi-Fi Thermostat?

You might think a Wi-Fi thermostat is just for homeowners who are going to be away from home a lot. While they’re certainly a convenient feature for snowbirds and frequent travelers, they also are finding their place among those who just want to control the home’s environment while at work or school. Here’s why.

Five Reasons to Get a Wi-Fi-Enabled Thermostat

  1. It’s cold in New Jersey in the winter. Weather conditions can change dramatically while you’re away from home, be it on a trip or just during the working day. You don’t want to worry about the pets or your pipes while you’re stuck at work. With a Wi-Fi thermostat, you can set the temperature where you want it from a laptop, a cell phone or a tablet by accessing a temperature control app.
  2. Wi-Fi thermostats alert you when HVAC efficiency drops. Some Wi-Fi thermostats can help you improve efficiency. They can detect a dirty air filter, dirty condenser or evaporator coils or a low refrigerant charge — all conditions that hamper your system’s efficiency.
  3. Wi-Fi thermostats are easy to program. Programmable thermostats can be a bit complicated for some of us. If you’re one of those for whom the setback regimen is a mystery, then consider a Wi-Fi thermostat. You just input the temperature you want and the times you want the temperature to occur in the app, and you’re in business.
  4. You don’t have to get out of bed to change the temperature. If you wake up in the middle of the night and think your home’s too hot or cold, you can adjust the temperature from your smart device, right on your nightstand, without getting out of bed.
  5. They can learn your routine. Some Wi-Fi thermostats have monitors that learn your routine and adjust your schedule for you. Some devices monitor when you’re in or out of a certain geographical range and turn up the heat or A/C prior to your arrival.

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