Have Winter Power Blackouts Left You Stressed? A Generator Could be the Answer

Have Winter Power Blackouts Left You Stressed? A Generator Could be the Answer

If you’ve ever been through any kind of extended power blackout, especially winter power blackouts, you’ll understand the urgency some homeowners attach to having a standby power system. When lighting, stoves, refrigerators, and maybe even your furnace depend on electricity for operation, even a short period without power can cause a great deal of stress. Also if heat is lost for a period of time, pipes can burst and the expenses mount quickly for such repairs.

That being so, many homeowners have purchased fallback power systems in the form of home generators to eliminate the threat of winter power blackouts. There are two basic types of generators made for home usage, portable and standby generators, and each has its advantages.

Portable generators

Portable generators are generally smaller-sized units generating at least 4,000 watts of power, and are run on readily available gasoline from any filling station or the same kind of propane tanks that would be used to power a barbecue unit. They may be the most inexpensive way of powering your home during a power outage, and by running common extension cords into a house, can easily power up needed appliances as long as their fuel supply holds out.

Standby generators

The big advantage of standby generators is that once they are installed, they are always ready to go, and when main power shuts down in a storm, a switch will kick the standby generator into operation without any intervention. This kind of generator is run on natural gas, and it is permanently connected to the household gas lines, so the transfer of power source can be done automatically. Since its fuel source is constant, the standby generator will not run out of fuel, and does not require re-supply from a store or other external source.

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