Your Guide to Online HVAC Reviews

Your Guide to Online HVAC Reviews

Online reviews have become controversial. Many persons believe they tend to be untrustworthy, particularly the positive reviews. The prevailing belief is that reviews that are too glowing may be written by friends, or may even be the work of paid reviewers. On the other hand, negative reviews may also be the work of competitors who are trying to steer customers away from a certain business or product, and toward the competition.

Can You Believe Online Reviews?

For the most part, online reviews can be helpful, if you’re aware of a few tricks to discern the authentic from the put-up, or even to spot reviewers who may be sincere but are being unfair in their assessment for a number of reasons. If you’re looking for online HVAC reviews, you may find guidance from such sites as Yelp, Better Business Bureau, Google My Business, and Angie’s List. There are many more, but not all will be helpful with HVAC business and product reviews.

Signs of Review Scams

Studies have shown that readers tend to trust negative reviews more than positive ones. It seems because there are more positive reviews, readers hold them in lower esteem. Whereas with negative reviews, readers tend to trust them more, feeling the reviewer wouldn’t have bothered to write if there were not a real problem with the goods or services.

Here are some tips to guide you when evaluating reviews.

  1. Beware of a flurry of reviews generated around the same date, which may be a sign of a product release or promotion.
  2. Beware of reviews that read like a marketing piece, highly laudatory, but with few details.
  3. Look for details — specifics about what was wrong or right, examples of how a product or service improved matters, or made them worse.
  4. Poor grammar and spelling are a tipoff, as reviews like this are likely a product of international content farms.
  5. Repetitive phrasing can be a sign of fake reviews.
  6. Excessive use of “I” or “me” may be an attempt to make oneself seem more credible.

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