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Could a Zoning System Save Energy and Money in Your Home?

12 Jan
Could a Zoning System Save Energy and Money in Your Home?

Large homes, especially those with more than one level, are difficult to heat and cool evenly if they’re only equipped with one thermostat. The reason for this is simple. The single thermostat can only measure the temperature in the room where it’s located, so when the set temperature has been achieved in that room, the furnace or A/C turns off. Yet, other rooms may still need heating or cooling. A modern residential zoning system is the answer to this problem.

How Does a Zoning System Work?

The home is divided into separate climate zones. Usually, this means a different zone for each floor of the house. So the finished basement that requires more heating in the winter and stays cool in the summer can be designated as one zone, the main floor another zone, and upstairs bedrooms that stay warmer because of rising heat can be a third zone.

Other factors also can dictate how zones are drawn. For example, a large room with a bank of windows facing the afternoon sun probably will heat quicker in all seasons, but also get cooler at night than other parts of the house. This can be turned into a separate zone.

Once you have your zones set up, a thermostat and controllable duct dampers are installed in each zone, so the temperature in that area can be set separately, either from the zone or from a central controller.

Benefits of Zoning

  • Each area is heated and cooled according to its own needs (or the preferences of its occupants). This means you can watch football in cozy comfort in the finished basement in December, while in August, you can hang out in the bedroom without being hot and uncomfortable.
  • You’ll save energy when you can turn down, or off, the heating and cooling in rooms that are unoccupied or don’t need the same level of conditioning as other areas.

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